What we do

Our projects include: photographing, cataloguing, transcribing and translating Siloi Nagri puthi literature; building a Sylheti dictionary, of both modern and puthi words; and researching and preserving the literary, religious, poetic and musical heritage of Sylhet.


Sylheti Translation And Research has the following aims and goals:

  • to collect and preserve for future generations the folk literature of Sylhet
  • to document and analyse its historical, cultural, linguistic and literacy features
  • to document and analyse its associated performance traditions and their functions through ethnographic and ethnomusicological research
  • to make this folk literature and its associated performance traditions as widely known and accessible as possible through the development of internet resources and printed publications
  • to promote Sylheti literacy, so that as many people as possible can enjoy, and interact with, Sylhet's linguistic and literary heritage, both ancient and modern
  • to provide an avenue through which Sylheti authors can publish their work
  • to relate to, and cooperate with, others who share these same concerns