The Siloṭi Nagri Surma Unicode Font

Click on the 'download Surma Unicode font' button to download a .zip file called 'Surma Font Install Package'. This will automatically download to your 'downloads' folder. Once downloaded, double-click on the folder to open or right-click and select 'Extract All'.

You should first install the font by following the instructions in section 1, then install the Sylheti Keyboard as explained in section 2. The pdf file “SN MSK keyboard layout 1.0.pdf” will give you easy-to-follow typing instructions. 


The file Surma-Regular.ttf is the first publicly-released edition of the Surma Unicode font for Sylheti Nagri. It was released on 16 September 2015. Just save it somewhere, right-click and choose Install.

At present, however, the Surma Unicode font only works in LibreOffice, OpenOffice and MS Notepad. It does not yet work in MS Word.


Also included is a folder called which is a MSKLC keyboard creator (produced by the ‘Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator’ program). Save it somewhere and unzip it by selecting ‘Extract All’. This will produce a folder called sylotina. Run setup.exe from inside that folder. You should then have a language icon ‘SL’ on the task bar, in addition to ‘EN’ (English) and any other languages you have installed. [SL is actually ‘Slovenian’, but since the keyboard has to be linked with an existing language, and since Sylheti isn't yet in the list, we chose Slovenian because SL seemed a good choice for an icon.]  

Also in that folder is a PDF file “SN MSK keyboard layout 1.0.pdf” showing the keyboard layout, which you can print out for reference. This gives you full typing instructions.

Please let us know any comments on the font or keyboard.