The Mystic Story of the Deer

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Horin Nama (small).jpg

The Mystic Story of the Deer


The Mystic Story of the Deer, or 'Horin Nama' in Sylheti, is a reproduction of a portion of Pir Azmot Ali's longer manuscript poem, or puthi, 'Gafil Nosihot' written in Syloti Nagri. It is a deeply moving story from Islamic tradition about the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad's (SA) self-sacrifice in answer to a mother deer's plea for help.

This publication includes an introduction in English and Bengali about the Sylheti language, Sylheti literature and the Syloti Nagri script, as well as notes about the manuscript from which this reproduction has been made which is also compared with other editions of 'Horin Nama'.

Photographs of the manuscript pages containing the 'Horin Nama' portion from Pir Azmot Ali's puthi are included, along with their transcription in Syloti Nagri and a translation in English. At the back there is also a transliteration of the text in the Bengali script as well as a word list from the puthi in Syloti Nagri and Bengali scripts with an English gloss.

  • Hardback: 80 pages
  • Language: Sylheti, English
  • Dimensions: 146x225x10mm
  • ISBN: 978-0-9552791-3-5
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