The Siloṭi Nagri Surma-L Legacy Font Set (non-Unicode)

The Surma-L fonts are Legacy-encoded, meaning that the symbols are mapped to normal Latin-script codepoints, not the appropriate Unicode codepoints. The fonts and keyboard provided here are intended for use in applications and operating systems that cannot use Unicode.

To install the Surma-L fonts and keyboard:

  1. Click on the 'Download Surma-L Legacy Font' button to download a .zip file called 'Surma-L-v2.006'. This will automatically download to your 'downloads' folder. Once downloaded, double-click on the folder to open or right-click and select 'Extract All'.

  2. Open the Fonts folder and install all three fonts (SurmaL-Regular.ttf, SurmaL-Bold.ttf, and SurmaL-Italic.ttf).
  3. Install the Keyman Desktop program. Keyman is not distributed with this package; you will need to download it from At the time of writing (April 2016) the latest version of Keyman is 9.0, and there is a free version which allows a maximum of two keyboards to be loaded at any one time. If you already have Keyman, the Surma-L keyboard should work with Keyman 7 and later.

  4. Install the Surma-L keyboard from the Keyboard folder. With Keyman Desktop installed, simply double-click the Surma-L.kmp file to install the keyboard. (Alternatively, start Keyman, click Configuration, then Install Keyboard, and navigate to where the Surma-L.kmp file is located on your machine.)

The Keyboard folder also includes a Keyboard chart which shows the layout of Siloṭi Nagri characters on a standard keyboard. The chart shows a US underlying layout; some characters may be in other locations on a non-US keyboard.

Using the font and keyboard:

To enter text in Siloṭi Nagri, the Keyman program must be running and the Syloti-Nagri keyboard activated by clicking its icon in the language list in the system tray. You must also select the Surma-L font. To revert to typing in your default language, select your default keyboard and font.