Siloṭi Nagri Font Sets

STAR has developed two different types of font sets for typing in the Siloṭi Nagri script, the Surma-L Legacy Font and the Surma Unicode Font. Both font sets have been designed and tested to work under a Windows OS. We have not yet developed and tested compatibility of these fonts with Mac OS X.

The Surma-L Legacy font

The Surma-L legacy font functions by mapping a Siloṭi Nagri character onto a Latin keyboard. This font set is necessary for software and applications which do not yet support the block of Unicode characters which contain those symbols necessary for typing Siloṭi Nagri. (Currently this includes MS Word.)

For more information and to download the Legacy font, click here.

The Surma unicode font

For programmes which do support the Siloṭi Nagri block of Unicode characters (currently limited to OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and MS Notepad), STAR has developed the Surma Unicode font.

For more information and to download the Unicode font, click here.