Puthi Collections

The Sylhet District Gazetteer (1975) lists 44 works published in Siloṭi Nagri script, dating from the 15th century to 1930 AD.

STAR's Collection

The following is a shortened list of the titles currently being studied by Sylheti Translation And Research:

  • Halot-un-Nobi’ (Account of the Prophet) by Sadeq Ali (19thC); edition printed c.1920, 275 pages
  • 'Mohobbot Nama - Yusuf Zulikha’ (The Love Story of Joseph and Zulaikha) adapted from the Persian of Jami (1475 CE) by Sadeq Ali (19thC); edition printed 1918, 95 pages
  • 'Nur Poricoy’ (Introduction to Light) by Afzul Shah (undated); manuscript, 139 pages
  • Nur Nosihot’ (Teachings of Light) by Syed Shahnur (1820 CE); manuscript, 420 pages
  • Iuropio Mohajuddher Kobita’ (Vol.2) (Poems of the European Great War), collected by Sheikh Abdul Wahid al Adiri ol Hanofi (undated); printed c.1950, 16 pages
  • Bhed Johur’ (Discernment of Excellence) by Pir Mozir Uddin Ahmed (1863-1933); manuscript, 130 pages
  • Bhed Johur’ (later expanded version of same book); manuscript, 193 pages of 14 lines
  •  Puthi Sahadote Buzurgan’ (‘The Traditions of the Elders’) by Pir Mozir Uddin Ahmed; manuscript, 842 pages of 21 lines
  • Sitalong Shaher Puthi’, the collected songs of the Sufi Pir Sitalong Shah (1806-1899); manuscript, 604 pages
  • Jongo Nama’ (Account of the War), the history of Hasan and Hussein and the massacre at Karbala, by Wahed Ali; printed, 460 pages
  • Puthi Shohorchorit’ by Shah Asod Ali Pir (1813-1905); printed 1878, 104 pages
  • Silet Nagri Pohela Kitab o Doikhurar Rag’ (A Sylhet Nagri Primer and Doikhura’s Songs) by Md Abdul Lotif, including songs by Munshi Mobin Uddin ‘Doikhura’; printed 1930, 14 pages
  • Baula Dukhkhit’ (a Sad Baul Song), a collection of songs by Munshi Moshahed Ali; printed 1937, 15 pages
  • Copies of several hundred diverse fragments of manuscripts collected from villages in Sylhet (C18th/19th?)

We are grateful to a number of people who have kindly loaned or allowed us to copy their original Siloṭi Nagri materials. 


A digitised collection of 103 Siloṭi Nagri puthis is available to view online at the British Library's Endangered Archives, a collaborative archival project between the British Library and the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.